Opening Gaits Therapeutic Riding Club (OGTRC)


  • Makayla Skrlac President
  • Chloe Kempin Vice-President
  • Rhaeannon Gerritsen Treasurer
  • Brooke Wynnyk Treasurer

Primary Contact Information

Mission Statement

Our collective mission is to provide children and adults with disabilities (both mental and physical) the opportunity to experience all the physical, social, and emotional benefits of riding on and spending time with a horse.


Opening Gaits Therapeutic Riding Club (OGTRC) is open to all MRU students who want to volunteer with Opening Gaits Therapeutic Riding Society. Volunteers can choose whether they would like to focus their time on the horses or focus more on the participants coming to ride. There are 3 possible volunteer sessions per week, OGTRC members are only expected to attend 1 of 3 sessions. Communicating to the farm where the horses are kept is a requirement. Due to the cold weather in December the sessions end long before final exams giving students lots of time to focus on exams and end of the semester work.