• Spirit River Striped Wolf President
  • Sarah Buffalo Executive
  • Amber Clark Executive

Primary Contact Information

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Twitter: @otahpiaaki

Mission Statement

To volunteer for the Otahpiaaki social innovation project which aims at bridging the social and economic gaps that exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians.


Otahpiaaki is an annual event organized by MRU students and faculty each fall. This year we we are honoured once again to welcome a host of Indigenous fashion designers, artists, musicians, and performers to showcase and celebrate Indigenous Beauty in all of its forms. Otahpiaaki 2019 encompasses two nights of couture, streetwear, and modern regalia on the runway, workshops, performances, screenings, and language projects. Indigenous Beauty, Fashion, and Design week is anchored by deeper research on decolonizing the runway, design in nature, capacity-building, and economic reconciliation based on creative practices and traditional teachings. Students of all backgrounds may join the Otahpiaaki Student Volunteer Club to gain experiences with fashion show production, research, and working with Indigenous community members which are invaluable professional skills to develop in this Era of Truth and Reconciliation.