Power to Change


  • Ami Yan Treasurer
  • Zachary Wilcox President
  • Megan Buss Executive
  • Amelia MacAusland Executive
  • Devi Bhatia Executive
  • Farrah MacPherson Executive
  • Jessica Thomas Executive
  • Mark Frezell Executive

Primary Contact Information

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Mission Statement

Power to Change exists to help students discover Jesus and change the world.


Power to Change is a Christian community on campus which provides a place for students from all backgrounds and perspectives to explore and talk about the deeper questions in life while enjoying each other’s company.

We host social events, such as house parties, board game nights, futsal games and speed-friending; weekly worship gatherings and Bible studies; Big Question events where we talk about issues like the existence of God, the reliability of the Bible, and whether science and faith can co-exist; and even retreats, conferences, and mission trips to different countries around the world. Come and check us out!