Psychology Student Society


  • Jackson Wardle President
  • Kate Briand Vice President
  • Emma Feltham Events Coordinator
  • Maria Ramirez Treasurer
  • Kayla Pearen Recruiter
  • Brooke Ruskin Administrator

Primary Contact Information

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Mission Statement

The Psychology Student Society (PSS) strives to foster a community where all paths of psychology can be explored with the respect and aid of its peers.


The PSS is a student-led academic SAMRU club with the aim of fostering a community of students in the psychology department at MRU. We achieve this in many ways. Primarily, we hold events throughout the year (such as Meet & Greets, Board Game Nights, Potlucks, Movie Nights, etc.) to encourage socializing and meeting other students in the program. We encourage students to come visit our MRU student resource room (EA 3004 - by the Knuckle in EA, third floor).

We also have a Mentorship Program, wherein students can become PSS Mentors or PSS Mentees. Our goal with this program is to encourage collaboration between ‘senior’ psychology students (third year and above), and ‘junior’ psychology students (first and second years), as well as creating an environment wherein guidance and support can freely occur. To best help students, we have a Google Form ( as an application, which asks about students’ interests, career goals, etc., such that PSS Mentors and PSS Mentees may have some personal overlap. Please note that the Google Form requires that you are logged into your mtroyal email!

We hope to see you soon in EA 3004!