Student Society of Science and Technology


  • Neldimar Khamvongsa President
  • Michael Makhoul Vice President
  • Izabella Zafra Website Manager
  • Jeanine Paraiso Executive of Social Media
  • Valerie Cates Copywriter
  • Igor Lemez Executive of Finance
  • Vinna Tram Events Coordinator
  • Abby Sim Events Coordinator
  • Ryan Owchar Workshop Coordinator
  • Tejas Gill Workshop Coordinator
  • Sofia Parjan Workshop Coordinator

Primary Contact Information

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide members of SSST opportunities in which they receive a well-rounded university experience by the following:
Community: We aim to provide our members a sense of community and belonging within the Faculty of Science and Technology, and within the rest of the Mount Royal University. We seek to create an environment where members know they are supported and valued.

Experience: We aim to provide our members experiences which will round-out their post-secondary experience at Mount Royal University. Through both academic and extracurricular experiences, members will have a more meaningful and enriched post-secondary journey.

Representation: We aim to represent the Faculty of Science and Technology, to voice our concerns and opinions within the institution.

Resources: We aim to provide our members with resources that will guide them through their post-secondary career, and make their journey easier.