Archived: Copywrite & Used Books in the basement of Wyckham House

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By Mitch LaRose

If you haven’t been down to the lower level of Wyckham House yet, make a point of doing so this semester and check out what Copywrite & Used Books has to offer.

Used Book consignment – Copywrite & Used Books offers students an opportunity to resell their used books as a part of the book consignment system. The students set the price and when the book sells, get paid out 75% of that price. Copywrite & Used Books is also a good place to check for a deal on used textbooks.

Movie Passes – New this semester, Copywrite & Used Books will now be carrying discounted movie passes for both Cineplex Odeon and Empire Cinemas. The passes are available with a valid campus card with a limit of 4 passes purchased at a time.

Reusable Dish Program – In an effort to cut down on waste material generated in the food court, SAMRU offers students a chance to get involved with the Reusable Dish Program. By paying a refundable $7.50 fee, participants get a reusable food container and cutlery from The Hub without having to wash dirty dishes or carry cutlery to class. Participants have until June 30, 2013 to return their Reusable Dish cards to Copywrite & Used Books in order to receive their deposit back.

Copywrite & Used Books is also your source for affordable printing, copying, binding, laminating, faxing, scanning and much more. Check out Copywrite & Used Books online >>