Archived: Do you know someone who would make a great student leader?

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By Dawn Linnemoller

SAMRU’s election nomination period is open until February 11th at 4:30 pm so if you know someone who would make a great student leader, there is still time to nominate that individual for office!

During the election period, MRU students will vote for a president and three vice-presidents, along with governors who will complete Students’ Council. These are the students who lead and shape the Students’ Association. These are the students who advocate for better transit, who meet with MRU about costs and sustainability, and the students who approve spending for SAMRU programs like the Free Breakfast Program or Last Class Bash.

If you, or someone you know would like experience running a multi-million dollar organization (before you even graduate!), consider SAMRU elections as a great stepping stone.

Students involved in Students’ Council are “involved in governing an organization that works to improve student’s lives on a daily basis on campus” explained Megan Borg, a full-time SAMRU employee who works as the Governance Coordinator, assisting Students’ Council year-round. Students who take executive positions are also able to make a difference for students across Alberta and Canada through a considerable network of Post-Secondary Education student leaders.

If you are interested in making a difference on campus while adding invaluable experience to your resume, consider running for office during the 2013 SAMRU elections.

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