Archived: Dropping & adding classes: read this first!

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By Andrea Davis, Student Advocacy Coordinator

During the drop/add (D/A) period, you can register and adjust your courses freely until the posted deadline to receive a refund minus any applicable fees. “Refunds”, says David Wood, Registrar at MRU, “are automatic before the D/A deadline but not after”. “Refunds and tuition credits are becoming increasingly rare because students are not often aware that they must provide a medical reason for why they missed the deadline.” Familiarize yourself with Mount Royal’s policies and procedures in the Academic Calendar before making changes.

David further suggests students consider the following:

• Student loans: dropping from full-time to part-time can have a dramatic impact on how funding agencies view the status of a loan. In particular, money you may have to pay back to lenders may be affected, so get advice before taking action.

• Know your limits: you should be self-aware about what works for you. Talk to your academic advisor if you have any concerns well before the add/drop deadline.

• Pay attention in the first few classes: consider a course ’test drive’ for the first few classes. Study the course outline and assignment structure. Ask questions about marking, and scan the text book. If those parts interest you, chances are the course is for you.

The time to evaluate your courses is now. The deadline for adding or dropping a class for the fall 2012 semester is September 14, 2012.