Archived: Get in-the-know; join the SOS team

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Do you ever feel like you only find out about the cool things happening on campus after the fact? Well we have a great opportunity to help you always be ‘in the know’ – and become the go-to person in your social circle to find out first about everything that your SAMRU is planning.

We need volunteers to join our Student Outreach & Safewalk team!

Along with helping maintain a safe and welcoming campus, the SOS team helps spread the word about everything SAMRU is doing for the students of Mount Royal, and is the street-team for our amazing programs and awesome events. This is a great opportunity for Public Relations, Broadcasting, Journalism and Communications students, as well as anyone who just loves being a resource to other students. It’s also a great chance to meet new people, make new friends, learn some new skills, and score a not-too-shabby entry on your resume.

Volunteer applications are now being accepted. Just visit for more information, or email our SOS Coordinator, Jon at or call 403-440-7073.

We need you to help get the word out!

By Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator