Archived: Get ready for spring with Garden Planning Workshops!

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Spring is on its way, and that can only mean one thing: midterms gardening season! If you’re a member of the MRU community garden (or if you’re thinking about starting your own garden), now’s the time to crack open the seed catalogue and start planning. To set you on the right track, SAMRU is offering two free gardening workshops on March 21 and April 4. Calgary’s Cottage Gardener, Janet Melrose, will guide you through some gardening essentials, so you’ll be set to enjoy your plot of paradise all summer long!

Best Edibles for Gardens in Calgary

March 21, 2016

12pm – 1:30pm

Yellow Room (Z203)

Planning a vegetable garden? This workshop is for you! You’ll hear which edible plants grow best in Calgary, get a basic understanding of permaculture techniques like companion and succession planting, and learn how to map out your garden to ensure a plentiful harvest.

Building Healthy Garden Soil 
in Calgary

April 4, 2016

12pm – 1:30pm

Yellow Room (Z203)

Improve your soil and the plants will thrive! In this workshop you’ll learn about soil nutrients, along with techniques for improving your soil’s texture and structure so that it will remain healthy and productive.

Please RSVP for these workshops by emailing or calling 403-440-8779.