Archived: Get to know your presidents; get to know your school

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There’s no thing as a silly question, especially when it comes to your education: are you curious about post-secondary funding under the new provincial government, or do you just want to know where to find free breakfast every morning? But we also know that sometimes it’s hard to find an answer or even to know who to ask. That’s why we’re hosting a Town Hall: this way, you can go straight to the top to get your answers!

Join MRU President David Docherty and Representation Executive Council President Erik Queenan in Wyckham House on Wednesday, February 3, for an informal forum where everyone in the campus community is encouraged to come and chat with their campus presidents. Since we want you to take this opportunity to ask plenty of questions (even challenging ones), we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to make use of this Q&A time! You can:

  • Use the available microphone to ask in-person
  • Write your question down and submit it to our anonymous question box
  • Email your questions in advance to Erik Queenan, REC President:
  • Tweet us the day of the event: @SAMRUbuzz

All MRU students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to attend this open forum to keep informed and ask questions. We’ll also be live-tweeting the event, so even if you can’t make it you can be part of the conversation.