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So you already know about Wyckham House’s great Food Court (how could you miss it?!) but there’s more to Wyckham House than just fast food and a great campus restaurant.

As you’re just coming into Wyckham House from MRU, you’ll find stairs to the basement across from Subway – or take the elevator to access everything in the basement.
Copywrite & Used Books
Ticketmaster outlet
Eco Store
Tech Squad *NEW*
Student Benefits Office
Reflector Office

Main floor
The main floor of Wyckham House is where you’ll find regular events, so if you’re looking for something to do, check there first!
The Hub bar and restaurant
Food Court with independently-owned fast-food options
Collegiate Shop convenience store
Tables and chairs to eat, study, and socialize.

Second floor
Want a slightly less busy area to study, charge your laptop, or want to access some of SAMRU’s services? Head up the stairs or elevator to the second floor! The 2nd floor is home to SAMRU Reception in Z222 (right near the restrooms) along with professional offices for our Executive Committee members, research, governance, programming, business services and rentable meeting spaces, plus:
Council Chambers
Art Gallery
Second floor study lounges
Peer Support Centre
Pride Center
Native Student Centre
Sustainability Centre

Third floor
Just one more flight of stairs (or an elevator ride) will bring you up to additional services! You’ll find professional offices for our communications, support services, business services, accounting, IT and more.
Clubhouse and the Clubs Coordinator office
Student Advocacy Coordinator
Student Outreach and Safewalk
Cultural Mosaic Centre

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-by Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator