Governance Overview & Structure


Established under the Post-Secondary Learning Act, Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) is responsible for administering the affairs and advancing the interests of the students we serve.

Apart from the Post-Secondary Learning Act, our most important governing document is our bylaws, which can only be approved or changed by our membership as a whole through referenda or general meetings. Regular review of our bylaws and operating policies ensures that we remain relevant and accountable to our members.

Governing Structure

The Student Governing Board of SAMRU, consisting of 14 elected and appointed positions. As the fiduciary trustee for SAMRU, the Student Governing Board is responsible for determining SAMRU’s strategic goals and priorities and making decisions regarding its resources and policies. All governance work units report directly to Students’ Council.

The Representation Executive Council reports to the Student Governing Board and acts within the authorities delegated by the Board and the bylaws. The four elected members of the Representation Executive Council develop, manage, and implement the representational and lobbying strategies for advancing students’ interests to MRU, external agencies, governments and other bodies. This group ensures students’ interests are considered and protected during decisions on matters directly impacting students and made by Mount Royal University, student lobbying organizations, municipal, provincial and federal governments.

The Executive Director also reports to the Student Governing Board. The Executive Director acts as a professional advisor to the Board of Director on all aspects of the organization’s operational activities. Acting within the authorities prescribed by the Board and the bylaws, the Executive Director (an Officer) is the individual that administers and manages the Students’ Association, its assets, and its facilities on behalf of the Board, including  businesses, finances and assets, personnel, programs and services, and communications.


Governance & Representation Manager
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