Membership Fees

The Students’ Association levies a fee for all active members. Membership fees are collected from both full and part-time students on a per semester basis. SAMRU has a fee collection agreement with MRU. Students’ Association fees go toward operating the Wyckham House Student Centre and the businesses and student services that exist to enhance students’ lives in a meaningful way, to serve students and to help them succeed.

Students’ Association Fees

All Students’ Association Fees are collected by Mount Royal University on behalf of the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU). Any questions on any of these fees should be directed to SAMRU in the Wyckham House Student Centre located in Z222.

General and Operating Fee
($48.09 PT / $100.60 FT)
SAMRU has the authority to increase the General and Operating fee each year by the rate of inflation. This fee is supplemented by money earned from many of the businesses within Wyckham House. Some of the ways that this money is spent include: dozens of SAMRU services, staffing and administrative costs, and the cost of operating the Student Centre. SAMRU has an $8.1 million budget, runs a 70,000 square foot Student Centre, and employs lots of people to offer the numerous business and support services delivered to students.

Capital Campaign Fee
($22.26 PT / $40.00 FT):
This fee was first approved by students in a 1998 referendum, and modified by students at the 2000 general meeting. This fee can increase each year by the rate of inflation, but may not exceed a maximum of $40 for full-time students and $24 for part-time students. This fee is used to pay for costs of building and maintaining the Wyckham House Student Centre, which is operated by SAMRU. Currently SAMRU has a $13 million loan to fund the 2008 building expansion. This fee is used to make payments, both principal and interest, on this loan. Any money that’s leftover from these payments is kept in a separate account and used for additional work on the Student Centre.

Scholarship Fee
($3 both full-time and part-time):
This fee was first approved by students in 1998 through a referendum. In a 2015 referendum, students voted to extend the collection of this fee indefinitely.  The approximate value of these fees is paid out by SAMRU to students each year through scholarships and awards, co-curricular development funding (Experiential Learning Fund), and bursaries.

Health and Dental Fee
($160.32 full-time only):
In the 1990s, students introduced health and dental insurance plans through two separate referenda. These days, our insurance programs receive top grades among student plans. Our usage rate of the insurance programs is consistently excellent (80% to 100%).

SAMRU’s finances are audited every year, and the financial statements are presented to students at the annual general meeting.


Finance Manager
Phone: (403) 440-7049
Email: Ming Yang