Notice of SAMRU’s Annual General Meeting

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If you are currently a Mount Royal University credit student, you are invited to attend SAMRU’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 25, 2015 at 12:00 p.m., in The Hub. Bring your MRU ID to verify your eligibility to vote.

The AGM is an opportunity to ask questions, keep SAMRU accountable, and stay informed about how your Students’ Association is run as an organization.

This year, the AGM agenda will include reviewing audited financial statements, the appointment of auditors, and will also include an opportunity for students to bring questions or concerns to the Student Governing Board (see below for how to do this).

Candidates for the available Governor positions on Students’ Council will be announced at the meeting. Student will then have the opportunity to find out more about those candidates, and will be able to vote online right after the meeting. Voting will run for two days, Until Friday November 27, 2015.

To find out more about the benefits of being a Governor, and how to nominate yourself or someone you know for this amazing part-time opportunity, please visit the SAMRU Elections page.

AGM 2015 agenda

1.0   Approval of Agenda

2.0   Approval of Minutes – November 13, 2014

3.0   Reports

3.1   Speaker (Student Governing Board)

3.2   President (Representation Executive Council)

3.3   Executive Director (SAMRU Administration & Management)

4.0   Audited Financial Statements

5.0   Appointment of Auditors

6.0   SAMRU Bylaws

7.0   Announcement of Candidates for Governor Elections

8.0   Adjournment

Proposed Amendments

All proposed bylaw amendments for this upcoming AGM will be can be viewed here: Bylaw Amendment Summary. You can also click here to read SAMRU’s current bylaws (approved November 2014).

Agenda Package

See the agenda package for this upcoming meeting here: AGM Agenda – November 25, 2015. You can also pick up the full agenda package in person at Reception in Wyckham House (room Z222).

Submitting an Agenda Item

If you’re an active member of the Students’ Association, and want to submit an agenda item for consideration, you must e-mail your proposal to the Student Governing Board via the Speaker here. Your proposal must be submitted 21 days in advance of the AGM, and must comply with bylaw 5.3.4 (see below).

The Speaker will notify the proposer of the Board’s decision within 7 days of the proposal’s receipt and if applicable, Notice of Amendment to the agenda of the general meeting will be posted at least 14 days in advance of the general meeting. Updated agenda packages will be available to members at least 14 days in advance of the general meeting.

Bylaw 5.3.4

5.3.4 Any active member may submit specific proposals, in writing and in sufficient detail to reasonably understand the issue or concern and with a specific motion, to the Speaker for consideration at a general meeting at least twenty-one (21) days in advance of the general meeting. Any proposal that meets any of the following conditions will not be presented to the membership at a general meeting:

a) a proposal that has been submitted primarily for the purpose of enforcing a personal claim or redressing a personal grievance against SAMRU, its directors, or officers;

b) a proposal that has been submitted primarily for the purpose of promoting general economic, political, racial, religious, social or similar causes beyond the reasonable scope of students’ interests or general student welfare;

c) a proposal that has been submitted to a general meeting within the two preceding years of the receipt of the request and the proposer has failed to present the proposal at the meeting;

d) substantially the same proposal was submitted to a general meeting within two years preceding the receipt of the request and the proposal was defeated; or

e) the right to submit a proposal is being abused to secure publicity or self-promotion.



Governance Coordinator 
Phone: (403) 440-6405