Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee

The SAMRU Vice President Academic Advisory Committee (VPAAC) is a body of students who meet once a month for roughly two hours to discuss academic matters at MRU. This student committee discusses issues like scheduling, academic policies, course offerings, new programs and more. Additionally, members of VPAAC sit as student representatives on a number of MRU councils and committees, making sure that the student voice is effectively represented, and getting a first-hand look at how decisions are made within the university.

VPAAC is a great opportunity to get involved and contribute to strengthening the student voice on campus. Volunteers spend approximately five to 10 hours per month providing a student perspective on the issues brought to meetings, and keeping the focus of academics at MRU centred on students.

Committees with VPAAC representation include:

  • Arts Faculty Council
  • Business and Communications Faculty Council
  • General Faculties Council (and subcommittees)
  • Health, Community, and Education Faculty Council
  • Library Faculty Council
  • Science and Technology Faculty Council

For more information, please contact:

Robbie Nelson
Vice-President Academic
Phone: (403) 440-6402