Representation Executive Council

What is the Representation Executive Council (REC)?

Simply put, the Representation Executive Council is your student voice and, under the Student Governing Board, they represent the interests of students of Mount Royal University as well as externally to all three levels of government. Representatives are elected by their peers, who are members of the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU).

The Students’ Association exists for the purpose of ensuring that Mount Royal University students have an opportunity to participate in all matters that may affect the quality of student life at the University. The responsibilities associated with this mandate are critical. SAMRU ensures that all students are well represented on dozens of academic and non-academic committees and boards on and off campus. SAMRU student representatives lobby to make a difference for students, dealing with issues like tuition and loan policies across Canada or mental health initiatives on your very own campus.

The four elected students who form SAMRU’s Representation Executive Council act in accordance with the wishes of the Student Governing Board, which is ultimately responsible for governing the Students’ Association. REC deals with student representation aspects of the organization, such as tuition and loan policies, lobbying, and external relations.

The Representation Executive Council is comprised of the following full-time positions:

Each member of REC is an elected, full-time paid employee of the Students’ Association and must take one course per semester (excluding Spring and Summer), maintain a grade point average of at least 2.5, and keep full-time office hours.

Learn more about the Representation Executive Council elections process.


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