Vice-President Academic

Cordelia Snowdon

Program: Policy Studies (minor in Social Innovation and Nonprofit Management)

Phone: (403) 440-6402



Cordelia Snowdon is your Vice-President Academic at SAMRU. She is in the Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies with a minor in Social Innovation and Nonprofit Management, and graduated from the MRU Social Work Diploma Program in 2015.

Cordelia has been involved on campus in many volunteer roles and has been an advocate for academic issues on many committees. Prior to being elected as VPA, Cordelia was a member of the Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee (VPAAC), a governor of the Student Governing Board of SAMRU’s, the President of the Students’ Distress Centre Club, and member of the Peer to Peer Mental Health Program. Through her role on VPAAC, Cordelia has represented students on MRU’s General Faculties Council, Academic Program and Priorities Committee, and the Academic Plan Steering Committee.

Her goals for this year include building on the success of MRUOERdays, and continuing to advocate for free alternatives to expensive textbooks. Cordelia will also continue to advocate for keeping small class sizes, and she will be working to ensure that the academic accommodation needs of students are being met.

SAMRU Committees

  • Representation Executive Council
  • Representation, Events, Advocacy, and Lobbying Committee
  • Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee
  • Student Governing Board

MRU Committees

  • Academic Plan Implementation Committee
  • Academic Program and Priorities Committee
  • Academic Standards Committee
  • Animal Care Committee
  • Arts Faculty Council
  • Budget Advisory Committee
  • Business and Communication Studies Faculty Council
  • Bylaws and Striking Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • General Faculties Council
  • Health, Community and Education Faculty Council
  • Human Research Ethics Board
  • Library Faculty Council
  • Library Standing Committee
  • MRU Coalition (MRFA/MRSA)
  • Requirement-to-Withdraw Appeals Committee
  • Research and Scholarship Standing Committee
  • Science and Technology Faculty Council
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery Requirement-to-Withdraw-from-program Appeals Committee
  • Student Centre Liaison Committee
  • Task Force on Student Evaluation of Learning
  • Teaching and Learning Faculty Council
  • Teaching and Learning Standing Committee