Archived: Gwynne Dyer presents “The Trump Era: Barking Up the Wrong Tree”

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On March 23, Gwynne Dyer returns to Wyckham House for his annual lunchtime lecture on world politics. If you haven’t heard the journalist, historian and media luminary speak before, definitely don’t miss out; his experiences as a columnist and lecturer on international affairs for over 20 years allow him to provide fascinating – if occasionally terrifying – context for current events.

This year, Dyer’s topic is “The Trump Era: Barking Up the Wrong Tree,” in which he’ll explore the global trend toward nationalism and populism, from the UK and America in the last year to the growing prominence of hard-right, anti-immigrant parties in Italy, France, the Netherlands and Germany; the impending loss of jobs and even entire industries to automation; the faint hope of the Universal Basic Income (UBI) on the horizon; and the growing risk of political turmoil and populist revolution. The near future will be quite interesting.

Catch this free lecture in the Wyckham House food court on Wednesday, March 23 at 12:30pm. RSVP to our Facebook event for more details on the lecture. For more information on Gwynne Dyer, visit