Archived: Happy last week of class!

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You made it through another year! You’re all heroes and we’re so proud of you.

We know you have exams to think about…but can we ask a favour? Put that aside for just a little while. The worst is over, you’ve accomplished amazing things this year, and we think you’ve earned a little celebration. So this week, do something that’s just for you. Ask your favourite prof to grab a beer with you at the Hub so you can ask them questions about grad school. Read the trashiest book you can find, just for the fun of it, just because it’s not on the syllabus. Ask out your crush who sits ahead of you in your anthropology class. Book a ticket to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Spend a whole day watching movies and playing with puppies.

Oh, and don’t forget to get your tickets to Last Class Splash, your chance to go out of this school year in style (i.e. completely covered in paint). Look out for our ticket booth on Main Street and at East and West Gates, or just stop by the Hub or SAMRU Reception. It’s going to be lit.