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By Dawn Linnemoller

If you’ve been to The Hub on a Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, you know that SAMRU clubs know how to throw great parties. Just imagine what kind of party could be had if a bunch of clubs all teamed up?

Rumble in the jungle is the second-annual huge joint event co-hosted by multiple SAMRU clubs to bring you a night to remember!

Pull out that Tarzan costume, or your best rendition of a crazy jungle cat because there is going to be a fantastic costume contest, along with great prizes and a Wyckham-worthy photo booth to make some of those memories permanent. (Or at least give some of your friends who miss out something to “like” in the days to follow!)

Your hosts for the night include:
• Board Game Club
• Club N3Rd
• Education Undergraduate Society
• FlashFrenzy
• Hillel
• Improvination
• Music for the Soul Jam Club
• Oceans for the Future
• Outdoor Adventure Club
• Psychology Student Society
• Students’ Historical Society
• and the Tea Society

Spinning the tunes will be:
• The Nick of Time
• Krogh Sun
• 808
• and Reggie Suave

Additionally, Freak Motif will be taking the stage to entertain you!

Tickets are available from the participating clubs and through the Copywrite & Used Books store in the basement of Wyckham House. To contact SAMRU clubs, please visit:  or check clubs out on Facebook at:

Rumble in the jungle (Wyckham House)
Saturday, January 26th, 2013
Wyckham House
Doors at 8pm
Tickets $7.00 in advance/ $10.00 at the door