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During the month of November, SAMRU’s Pride Centre will host the Hot Topics discussion series. The Hot Topics discussion series is an opportunity to learn about and discuss important issues in gender and sexuality with knowledgeable guest speakers from MRU and the Calgary community.

This is an excellent opportunity to become more aware of gender and sexuality issues and learn ways to be more inclusive and feel empowered to make our communities more informed and welcoming.

Hot Topics discussion sessions include:

Nonmonosexualities with Tiffany Sostar from Possibilities Calgary and Writing in the Margins
Wednesday November 12, 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm in the Pride Centre

Learn and discuss identities involving attraction (sexual, romantic) to more than one gender, regardless of gender, and no attraction. Tiffany Sostar is an experienced facilitator and founder of Possibilities Calgary and Writing in the Margins. These organizations lead discussion groups and workshops in Calgary that are inclusive of gender and sexual minorities.

Safer Spaces: What are they? Who are they for? Where do they go wrong? Hosted by Melanie Carroll­
Wednesday November 19, 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm in the Pride Centre

Safe space has become a trendy term in anti-oppressive workplaces, queer communities, and with people who want to be supportive of gender and sexual minorities. But what is safe space? Why make the distinction of safe(r) space? Who is safer space for, and how do we create and maintain it? Melanie Carroll is the SAMRU Pride Centre Coordinator and is completing MA research in safer spaces.

Trans 101 with Gwen Bretzke from Translations: Possibilities Calgary
Wednesday November 26, 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm in the Pride Centre

Learn how to be a better ally to transgender people. Find out more about what transgender means, who is included, what is transphobia, cissexism, and trans misogyny, and what are some of the major challenges for trans people. Gwen Bretzke is the founder and facilitator of Translations, the trans discussion group within Possibilities Calgary.

Calgary’s Queer History with Kevin Allen from the Calgary Gay History Project
Thursday November 27, 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm in the Gallery, 2nd floor of Wyckham House

The Calgary Gay History Project is a research project to uncover and document Calgary’s queer history. Kevin Allen, the lead researcher from the project will be discussing key findings, especially as related to the historical role of University campuses in advancing LGBT causes and supporting queer community. 

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