Archived: How NOT to study for your finals: featuring Sam Ru!

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SAMRU’s naughtiest employee, Sam Ru, IS BACK and he’s been badder than ever! Even though he has finals coming up, he’s been using some problematic strategies to get ready for them. You’ll probably want to avoid these too if you’d like to make the most of your studying hours.


Studying on your bed

You’ll end up just like Sam if you’re studying in bed! Your brain tends to associate places with activities so, even though your bed seems like a welcoming and comfy place to park for a couple hours, you may end up doing more sleeping than studying.


Texting your friends and eating lots of snacks eh, Sam? You’ll probably be hitting those books for a lot longer if you’re not focused on what you’re reading according to this study by the University of Connecticut. Students who multi-tasked while studying even reported having lower grades. 😱😱 Better save the Netflix marathon and the social media-ing until after you’re done studying.

Listening to fast and loud music

I know, I know. Listening to music is one of the few things that makes studying tolerable. Unfortunately, it’s also negatively affecting your retention of the material you’re studying (here‘s the proof). What CAN help you, if you’re attached to having some kind of “noise” while you study, is classical music played at a low level.

Highlighting all the things

Put the highlighter DOWN, Sam! It looks like studying… and it feels like studying… but are you really engaging with what you’re reading? A better approach? Highlight during your initial reading to help you focus on the material and then make your own notes on what you learned! Which brings us to…

Re-reading the same text over and over

Much like highlighting, you’ll retain the information you’re reading much better if you are engaging with the material. Make notes! Draw pictures! Re-reading the same thing over will likely not increase your understanding of it.


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