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MRU can feel a bit lonely this time of year – most students have gone off to do whatever students do during the summer (look for a summer job, maybe?) and if you’re a Spring or Summer term student heading to class, campus can seem mighty quiet. To our guests from northern Alberta, it might feel especially lonely right now, so we’d like to extend our welcome and let you know there’s still a friendly campus community around.

If you find yourself craving some human interaction (and maybe a frosty pint), keep in mind that the Hub is open until July 1! Consider stopping in to try one of the daily features or drink specials, or the everyday deal of a Hub Classic burger and a pint of beer. The Hub burger is made with a blend of Alberta chuck and beef, and comes with brined shoestring fries and a pint of PBR or Hub Lager, all for for $13.50. But most importantly, the awesome, friendly staff are itching to make you feel at home!

Hub spring hours in effect May 1 – July 1, 2016
11:00am – 6:00pm weekdays 

Happy Hour 3:00 – 6:00pm