Archived: ICYMI: Tuition Freeze for 2018-2019 Year Announced

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Did you miss the tuition freeze announcement by the Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education on December 1st in the Riddell Library? We have Cordelia Snowdon’s (VP Academic) statement here.

We are pleased next year’s students will not see an increase to tuition, and we are very glad the Ministry has listened to students about the need for institutional backfill funding.

Backfill funding is important because:

  • It recognizes the increasing overall cost of education, and
  • It allows increasing costs to be offset without relying on fee increases or harmful budget cuts

This continuation of the tuition freeze is an important step that meets a current need. Students remain hopeful that the tuition review process that’s still in the works will bring an effective funding model for post-secondary for years to come.

At the end of the day, this announcement is encouraging news for two reasons:

  1. Ensuring post-secondary is accessible and affordable benefits everyone. Reasonable tuition rates will help keep student debt in check. And if new grads have a manageable debt load, they will be able to participate in the economy much sooner after graduating, keeping that old GDP going strong.
  2. More importantly, this shows we recognize that post-secondary education remains a worthwhile investment both for individual Canadians and for the country: People with post-secondary education are more likely to be involved in their community through volunteering and political engagement; Higher education is related to lower crime rates and health care costs; and knowledgeable grads will continue to improve our province and our country and help keep Canada competitive.

Today, we thank the Minister for listening to the needs of students as they relate to current affordability. We look forward to working with the government to help develop legislation that establishes a long term, predictable, accessible, and affordable model for tuition and other fees, while also ensuring accountability and safeguarding quality.