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Seeing friends post their amazing summer vacation photos might make you envious and start daydreaming about the foreign shores you’d love to visit, but when you compare that with developing your resume for post-graduation employment, those airline tickets seem to get further away. Have you ever considered combining the two? Keep reading for more information about working and volunteering internationally!


Start early

Once you think you might like to plan an international work experience, you’ll need to research options, make contact with potential employers, and fulfill relevant immigration along with informing key university contacts. You’ll need some time to work on this – while you’re still going to class and possibly working a part-time job at the same time. Giving yourself plenty of time can help avoid those last-minute panicked phone calls trying to meet important deadlines.


Consider your opportunities

If you need to earn an income while away from home, you’ll be looking for international work experience with paid positions. However, if building your resume is your focus then internships (either with an honorarium or unpaid) or volunteer opportunities might be options. MRU’s Career Services can help a lot in this area; they even have a tip sheet for MRU students looking for non-academic international experiences that goes well beyond this article.


Get some experience

Before jumping into a volunteer position in a different country, consider doing similar volunteer work here at home. The Cultural Mosaic Centre (CMC) in Wyckham House is a great place to start. The CMC is a cultural idea space where global culture meets personal experience. Volunteers are welcome, and all MRU students are invited to attend regular events they host.


Learn more about the CMC on the SAMRU website >>


Get assistance from Career Services >>


-by Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator, SAMRU