Archived: 5 reasons you should join the VP Academic Advisory Committee!

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Why should you join the Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee (VPAAC) you ask?

  1. Ensure the student voice is heard
    Members of VPAAC serve a vital role in making sure student interests are represented at the highest levels of academic decision making across the University community. VPAAC members are each assigned to sit on two committees of the University, and will have opportunities to speak out about decisions that will affect every student’s experience.
  2. To learn how decisions are made and provide feedback on changes
    Members get to see the behind-the-scenes of decision-making at MRU, and help provide feedback into the process. VPAAC Members help make lasting changes that benefit MRU students.
  3. To learn new skills and build your experience
    Resume-building is only part of the perks of being on VPAAC, but it is definitely worth a mention! Skills like knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order.
  4. To work with other student leaders
    Student leadership at Mount Royal is a dynamic and dedicated  group, and we are engaged in our University community. VPAAC members will get to speak and confer with many student leaders at SAMRU, and will be on track to become student leaders themselves.
  5. To meet university decision-makers and expand your network
    Members of VPAAC have the unique opportunity to speak with leaders across campus and to work with Faculty, Staff, and Administration in a variety of settings.

Does this sound like the opportunity for you? Apply now! Must be available Mondays and Thursdays from 4-6 pm. This opportunity is a 10 hour monthly commitment.