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Wyckham House
Your SAMRU has a lot of blog articles from previous years that might impact you even today. Follow the links for more stories you might enjoy!

March is a month when it’s easy to feel burnt-out. With looming exams, summer (or post-graduation) employment searches taking up time and energy, and many more cold, dreary days than we’d like, it’s important to take time for yourself. Read more about time-management and self-care in our “Can you do it all?” article here>>

Speaking of summer work, your SAMRU also has some tips and resources to share with you to make your summer job hunt a little easier. Read more here>>

Want to meet other MRU students that share your interests? Want to get your networking off to a unique foot in your particular area of study? Want to connect with others who share your love of the kooky, unusual, or adventurous? Consider starting a SAMRU club! SAMRU will even give you funds to help you start out! Read more about club funding opportunities here >>

Planning to stay in residence for either the Spring or Spring/Summer semesters? March 14 is the last day to cancel your application without a cancellation fee. Read more here: