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Hi Clubs! Please note that this year we will be moving to an online ratification process. All clubs wishing to ratify or re-ratify must submit the following form. Further instructions are included on the form. If you have any problems or questions please let the clubs coordinator know. We hope this process will make ratifications easier for clubs. Thanks!

Clubs Annual ReportPlease fill out and complete by April 24th at 5:00pm

Clubs Expo Winter 2020

Ratification Forms

Club Ratification and Re-ratification Form  (Please make sure you have all of your documents prepared before submitting this form. Emailed documents will not be accepted).

Club Executives and Signing Authority document (to be uploaded through the online ratification form)

Ratification Checklist 

For information on writing a constitution, please see our resources page

Paper Forms (to be printed and submitted as a hard copy to the clubs coordinator)

Change of Executive – Change of Executive
Cheque Requisition – Cheque Requisition Form
Textbook Fund Application – Textbook Fund Application Form

Clubs Policy Document

Clubs Procedures – Updated January 2020 – Please be advised that all clubs must have read and follow these policies

Digitally Submitted Forms

Virtual Activities Approval Form: please submit at least 2 business days before your event.

Activity Approval Form: Are you looking to host an event for your members? In order to be covered by SAMRU’s insurance, you must complete this form at least two (2) weeks prior to your event. You will receive an email with the event details confirmation once everything has been reviewed and approved.

Ticket Request Form: Are you looking for tickets for your event? Clubs can order tickets for free. Please complete this form at least 2 weeks prior to your event as tickets must be shipped.

Room Booking Form: Are you looking to host a meeting or need a space booked for your club? Fill out the linked form and you will be emailed the confirmation when the room booking is approved. Rooms are booked for free for ratified clubs on campus (with a few exceptions).

Table Booking Form: Are you looking to promote your club or sell tickets to your event through a table booking? Fill out the linked form and we’ll book you a table on Mainstreet, Westgate or in Wyckham House (as per your preference). If you are looking for a table in an alternate location, please be specific with your request and allow for a bit of extra time.

Start-Up Grant Form: Are you a new club looking to get some money to get you on your feet? Or are you an existing club looking to bolster your bank account? The Start-up fund is just for you! The Start-up fund is a $200 (up to $150 for existing clubs) grant for clubs to help them plan, and facilitate their first event, as well as purchase items the club may need.

Club Development FundAre you looking to bring in a guest speaker for your club? How about facilitating a professional development session like Mental Health First Aid? The Club Development Fund was designed for any event that will benefit your members through additional learning or skill development. SAMRU will cover 2/3 of your event costs (up to $500) if your application is approved! (Note: you cannot be generating revenue for your club off of this event).

Club Collaboration Fund: Are you looking to collaborate with other clubs to host a fundraiser? Are you hoping to receive a grant to help you cover the cost – allowing more revenue for you and your collaborators? In order to be eligible, the club must be ratified and complete: an activity approval form, the club collaboration fund form, and be partnered with at least two other clubs.

Club Food and Beverage Fund: Do you want to provide snacks for your first meeting? How about pizza for your meet and greet? This fund is available for clubs to provide food for their events. Each club is eligible for up to $75 to spend on food and non-alcoholic drinks for their members. Clubs must be ratified, must complete the application, and submit a cheque requisition with receipt prior to funds being released.

Club Marketing Fund: Are you looking for money to help you market your club? The Club Marketing Fund has been established to help clubs recruit members, promote events, and encourage club longevity. Clubs must be ratified, must complete the linked application, and submit a cheque requisition with receipt prior to funds being released.