Archived: Lost? Lonely? Hungry? Bored? Upset? Broke?

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Although it might not be the largest post-secondary campus in Calgary, coming to MRU for the first time can be confusing. Even students, staff, and faculty who have been here for years sometimes comment about getting lost, not knowing where to access services, or just not knowing everything that is available to them.

SAMRU is here to help!

If you’re lost, we can help you get on track (physically or otherwise!). Check out our SOS booth if you’d like a tour of the Wyckham House student center to see what services are available to you!

If you’re feeling lonely, we can help connect you with other students with similar interests who want to connect. You can either join a club or start your own, volunteer with one of our service centres, and check out the many events happening in Wyckham and at the Hub.

If you’re hungry, we have lots of options for you, ranging from a fabulous food court filled with independently-owned kiosks, our beloved The Hub restaurant, the Good Food Box program, and a daily Free Breakfast.

If you’re bored, we have lots of ideas to help you get involved with student life right here on campus. You might even want to spend a few hours volunteering or working at SAMRU like hundreds of other MRU students are doing.

If you’re upset, we have trained volunteers to offer peer support and referrals to many on- and off-campus services. We can also assist with advocacy if you’re struggling with academic issues.

If you’re broke, we can help with that too – we offer lots of ways for you to save money on things like books, printing, food, transit, and even offer emergency student loans!

The first stop should be our website: – so you’re already there! Take a look around and see everything we have to offer. We have many other student services, like our used book store, cheap copies and printing at Copywrite, a student health and dental plan, a dental clinic, a pharmacy, study lounges, and so much more!   

Other useful points of contact are:

Reception: room Z222 403-440-6077 /
Student Outreach & Safewalk: 403-440-7073 /
President Erik Queenan 403-440-6993 /
Vice-President Academic Tristan Smyth 403-440-6402 /
Vice-President Student Life Zoe Slusar 403-440-6407 /
Vice-President External Seija Roggeveen 403-440-6404 /