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The Representation Executive Council (REC) is hard at work representing your interests to Mount Royal, all three levels of government, and beyond – but lots of that work happens outside of the public eye. We’ve been publishing monthly guest posts by your VP Academic, Cordelia Snowdon, to keep you informed and to give you a peek at what your student reps are working on behind the scenes.

Happy End of Semester, MRU Students!

As the academic year wraps up and we close another term of the Representation Executive Council, I took some time to ask my team about their “Highlights Reel” from the past year.

My highlights this year were hosting the MRU OER Days advocacy campaign, which included Lighting Talks and an OER Fair, as well as being a panelist on the Campus Stores Canada Textbook Affordability Panel. I have appreciated every opportunity to engage with students, and this monthly blog update has given me the chance to connect with people across campus and let them know a bit about my work supporting the academic needs of students.

Aria Burrell – Vice-President External

“One of the highlights of my year was running a successful mayoral forum, the first of the election season. It was the first major political event I’d ever planned seriously, and I had a lot of doubts about my own abilities. I’m so glad I saw it through. More recently, I was pleased to have the opportunity to speak about improvement of the secondary suites approval process at a public hearing in Calgary City Council. The need for affordable, safe, and legal housing for students is something I feel very passionate about.”

Madelaine McCracken – Vice-President Student Life

“One of my favourite experiences this year was assisting in planning the Intergenerational Healing Series: Survivors Voices. This event provided a platform for residential school survivors to share their stories and experiences, and share how they are still affected be this grave injustice to indigenous peoples across Canada. Additionally, I really valued the opportunity to collaborate with Cari Ionson to create the Consent Colouring Book, with support from some amazing artists and community members. This project was a creative way to discuss concepts of consent, and I am excited to see how it will continue to grow!”

Shifrah Gadamsetti – President

“My highlights this year included a lot of different and amazing projects to support students. Those that particularly stand out include the opportunity to represent students to the federal government as Chair of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations; the efforts to successfully ensure the implementation of the Southwest Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route; and most recently, being appointed to the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Executive Advisory Committee for Post-Secondary Education.”


Thank you to the 2017/2018 Representation Executive Council, and best wishes wherever your paths lead to next!