Archived: Menstrual care with your body and the environment in mind

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When you look at the most common, easily accessible products for menstrual care, do you often wonder if these products are helpful or harmful to your body or the environment? Do you sometimes wonder about options, but haven’t yet had the chance to explore them or learn more about them?

On March 9th, the SAMRU Pride Centre in collaboration with the SAMRU Centre for Student Initiative will present a discussion about ecologically and body-friendly menstrual care. Talking about periods can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be. In this discussion you’ll learn about a variety of alternative menstrual care products and the environmental, health, and economic benefits of some alternative products.

This discussion is open to people of all genders wanting information about menstrual care, and is part of this month’s Pride Center Hot Topic series. The Hot Topics discussion series is an opportunity to learn about and discuss important issues in gender and sexuality with knowledgeable guest speakers from MRU and the Calgary community.

March 9

Hot Topics: Ecologically and body-friendly menstrual care

12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m.

Pride Center, 2nd floor of Wyckham House

For more information about this workshop or any others in the Hot Topics series, please contact the Pride Centre Coordinator >>

-By Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator, SAMRU