Money Management Workshops

Money Management Workshops provide students with an opportunity to learn about basic money management and gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills to make responsible financial decisions. The Money Management Workshop topics are Assets, Banking, Budgeting, Credit, and Consumerism. Students will learn to reduce their debt, power to pay on credit cards, pay bills and save for their future (even if they are living on a low income).

The workshops are an hour and a half of informational, introductory material with a takeaway booklet that students are encouraged to complete on their own. Students of all levels of experience and knowledge are encouraged to attend the workshops. Students are encouraged to attend all five workshop topics but do not need to attend all the dates for each topic.

Winter 2019 Workshops

January 31: Assets
February 7: Budgeting
February 28: Banking
March 7: Credit
March 14: Consumerism

Click here to register for a workshop! Registration is not required, but is appreciated.

Learn and understand the five assets areas so you can see the areas you need to strengthen and identify the steps you need to take to build their assets.

Learn to create your own budget, based on your unique financial needs, wants, and circumstances.

Introduction to the fundamentals of banking and basic tools and guiding principles to assist you with your banking experience.

Learn about the concept of credit, and basic information and tools to prepare you for your own experiences with consumer credit.

Learn and understand the impact of consumerism, and how you can take control of your buying decisions.


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