Mount Caring

Our goal with Fundrace Flurry, along with the majority of SAMRU’s other programming, is to support students. The Mount Caring portion of Fundrace Flurry allows us to identify specific needs that students and student-parents require around the holidays. Similar to the previous Season of Caring campaign, students can apply, through the Peer Support Centre (Z210), to receive gift cards for themselves and dependents, if any.

This arm of the Fundrace also allows donors to buy physical gifts instead of cash donations through a toy drive! Around the holidays, we see great need particularly with our student-parent population. Mount Caring allows these parents to focus more on their studies, and less on how they will buy dependents’ gifts for the holidays.

Student Applications

All applications for the Mount Caring program will be carried out through the SAMRU Peer Support Centre (Z210) in Wyckham House. Students can drop in during regular business hours (Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm) to complete an application with the Peer Support Coordinator or a Peer Support Centre Admin or volunteer. Deadline to apply is November 30th!

Gift cards will be offered in several main areas:

  • Gas/Fuel
  • Groceries
  • Mall
  • MRU Bookstore

Mount Caring is a barrier-free service for Mount Royal students so all students feeling the holiday stress are encouraged to apply! Please note, contrary to the old Season of Caring program, that students can only include themselves and/or dependents in their applications.

How to donate

We’re encouraging our generous donors to donate to our main fundraiser, Fundrace Flurry, online as the funds raised will be used to purchase gift cards for Mount Caring applicants.

Physical gifts (please only purchase gifts for children aged 0-12 years) can be dropped off at SAMRU Reception (Z222) during regular business hours (Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm) prior to December 6, 2019. Tax receipts can be issued for donations totaling $20 or more– please provide a receipt or proof of purchase with your donation.

Other Student Support

The SAMRU Peer Support Centre provides additional food and financial security programming for students. Should you need additional assistance, or assistance outside of the holiday period, please check out these programs!