New COVID-19 financial aid programs

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Updated March 15, 2020

New COVID-19  financial aid programs

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Government of Canada, the Government of Alberta, and the City of Calgary have announced a series of measures and programs designed to financially aid individuals through these challenging times. 

As this is a developing situation, the information on this page may change at any time. For more information on the programs listed below, just click on the hyperlinked title which will take you to the most up to date information or the application page. 

Changes to Student Loan Payments (Government of Canada and Government of Alberta)
Beginning on March 30th, the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada will pause student loan repayments for six months. Interest will not accrue during this time. Students do not need to apply for the repayment pause.

Tax Filing Date Extension (Revenue Canada)
Revenue Canada has extended the tax filing deadline until June 1st, 2020.  Additionally, the deadline to pay income tax amounts has been extended to August 31st.

Emergency Isolation Support (Government of Alberta)
Albertans who are forced to self-isolate may be eligible to receive a one-time payment beginning in April of $1,146.

Utility Payment Deferral (Government of Alberta)
Residential customers can defer electricity and natural gas bill payments for the next 90 days to ensure no one will be cut off, regardless of the service provider. Call your utility provider directly to arrange for a 90-day deferral on all payments.

Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits (Government of Canada)
Sick or quarantined individuals may be eligible to receive up to 15 weeks of income replacement.

Emergency Care and Emergency Support (Government of Canada)
Those without paid sick leave (or similar workplace accommodation) who are sick, quarantined, or forced to stay home to care for children may be eligible for up to $900 bi-weekly for up to 15 weeks.

Canada Child Benefit (Government of Canada)
Individuals may be eligible to receive $300 more per child with their regular CCB payment.


Several measures have been implemented to aid businesses.  For more information on these measures please visit the Government of Canada’s, the Government of Alberta’s, and the City of Calgary’s websites. 

More to come

Several additional measures have been proposed by various levels of government and many more are being advocated. It is likely that this list will expand in the future.

Existing Programs

In addition to these new measures several existing programs can also provide financial support to students.

Emergency Financial Assistance (Government of Alberta)
Financial assistance for unexpected emergencies, such as unforeseeable circumstances or severe health risks, is available through the Emergency Needs Allowance.

Income Support (Government of Alberta)
Supports individuals and families to pay for basic expenses like food, clothing and shelter.

As this is a developing situation, the information on this page may change at any time.