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During the end of the winter 2015 semester, you might remember that SAMRU was planning some restructuring to Student Services. Well, using extensive student input, the details have been worked out and we hope you’re going to love the results!


“Students have been long asking for more study and meeting space,” explained Director of Student Services, Shereen Samuels. “With the restructure of several of our service centres, we have the opportunity to provide MRU students with the spaces they need on campus.”


Need study space?

In addition to the second floor lounges—which are perfect if you need some study space or group project space—SAMRU is opening the Basement Lounge this fall, in the former Copywrite & Used Bookstore space. SAMRU will continue to host a consignment book sale in the Basement Lounge at the beginning of the Fall and Winter semesters.


Need SAMRU Club meeting space?

Starting this fall, SAMRU will be offering even more bookable meeting space on the second and third floors of Wyckham House for students and SAMRU clubs. These rooms are perfect for you to host a group meeting, a movie screening, or to showcase your club with an open house or meet & greet.  Speak to the Clubs Coordinator to arrange booking these spaces.


Need dedicated space?

“Although we’re opening up several of our former centres as bookable space, three centres remain as dedicated spaces,” explained Samuels. “These dedicated spaces include the Pride Centre and the Peer Support Centre on the second floor, and the Global Citizen Centre on the third floor of Wyckham House.”  These spaces will be supervised by volunteer leaders, trained to ensure these rooms remain safer spaces for everyone. “As always, in-centre programming and service administration will be led by our SAMRU volunteers with the support and direction of the SAMRU programming staff,” said Samuels.


Nap Room and Chillout Room

Need to catch 40 winks, or feeling overwhelmed and need a quiet space to retreat and regroup? Students have been asking SAMRU for chillout and nap spaces for years. Well, it’s finally happening. There will be a small nap room adjacent to the Global Citizen Centre on the third floor, and a chillout space (formerly known as the Fort Room) between the Peer Support and Pride Centres on the second floor.


Any questions or comments about new SAMRU services, please contact Shereen Samuels at

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-by Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator and Shereen Samuels, Director of Student Services