Archived: Get in-the-know; join the SOS team

Do you ever feel like you only find out about the cool things happening on campus after the fact? Well we have a great opportunity to help you always be ‘in the know’ – and become the go-to person in your social circle to find out... Read More
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Archived: Explore and Discover…..You!

The SAMRU volunteer centres are providing provocative, refreshing and stimulating programming all month that will delight and intrigue you. Make sure to check out what's happening in Wyckham House during the month of October!For more... Read More
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Archived: SOS Residence Grocery Shuttle Bus

For students living in east or west residence, your SAMRU’s SOS program has a cool service we hope you’ll take advantage of! If you don’t drive (or just want to save some cash on taxi fares) consider taking the free SOS Residence... Read More
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Archived: Click! Got your picture!

When visiting dignitaries, celebrities, guest speakers or musicians visit Wyckham House it’s reasonable to expect that photographs will be taken and some of these photographs might be published in the media, including on-campus media... Read More
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