Archived: Getting around Wyckham House

So you already know about Wyckham House’s great Food Court (how could you miss it?!) but there’s more to Wyckham House than just fast food and a great campus restaurant.BasementAs you’re just coming into Wyckham House from MRU,... Read More
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Archived: #UFest2012

Are you already following the news about U Fest 2012? If you are, you know that it will be the most memorable concert and event you’ll likely go to this September! Brought to you by co-ordinated efforts between your SAMRU and MRU... Read More
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Archived: Join the conversation

Want to be in-the-know? Want to be the first one to hear about upcoming concerts, give-aways, prizes, and freebies? Want to know about all the cool stuff your SAMRU is doing to make your life better while here at MRU? Join us on... Read More
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