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Our roundup of SAMRU and post secondary news that made headlines in October.


SAMRU and LeftOvers Calgary rescue food for the hungry

According to a City of Calgary study published by Calgary Eats, $27 billion in food waste found its way to landfills and composting bins in 2011 – 40 per cent of all Canadian food produced that year. In order to combat this waste, LeftOvers Calgary partners with local businesses and nonprofits to receive donations of food that would otherwise go to waste. SAMRU is the first local post secondary to partner with LeftOvers YYC to combat hunger in Calgary. You can read more about that partnership here. (Thanks to Mount Royal for the shoutout!)

SAMRU Governor Elections

The 2016 SAMRU Governor elections wrapped on October 20, and the results are in!

The Student Governing Board is a policy-making Board of Directors, responsible for directing the SAMRU mission and vision. Governors are elected or appointed from and by SAMRU members (i.e., students). A total of 511 of you voted in this election. SAMRU congratulates the newly-elected Governors:

Olga Barcelo
Priyanka Dutt
Ed Hale
Aaron Horne
Nathan Lawley
Andrew Nguyen
Cordelia Snowdon
Amanda VanNest
Alex Wright

Thanks to all the candidates and to everyone who voted!

Alberta government extends tuition freeze through 2017-18 academic year

According to Global News, the Alberta government announced on October 19 that it’s extending the two-year tuition freeze first instituted in 2015 through the 2017-18 academic year, as the government completes a top-to-bottom review as part of its education-driven Future Ready vision.

The review process includes seeking input from students on the future of tuition and fees in Alberta. If you’re a Mount Royal student, now’s the time to use your voice. Share your thoughts about tuition, fees, and student aid at

Mac Hall dispute

A judge has rejected the University of Calgary Students’ Union’s bid for an injunction over control of MacEwan Hall, the U of C students centre, the CBC reports. U of C administration will assume control of the operation of Mac Hall, which the SU has managed for over 40 years. The university will control the operation of the building and collect rent from Mac Hall tenants for the duration of the ongoing lawsuit over the building’s ownership. The University has assured students that they will be assuming management of the building only and collecting rent from third-party tenants, and that SU programs and SU-owned businesses will be unaffected.

The SU’s legal action against the university began in 2015; the SU claims that it co-owns MacEwan Hall with the university. SU president Stephan Guscott has confirmed that the lawsuit against the university will proceed.

Ontario Student Grant

Daina Lawrence writes for the Globe and Mail about different strategies for reducing the financial burden of post secondary education in Canada and elsewhere. She compares the new Ontario Student Grant, which gives students from families earning less than $50,000 per year access to free tuition upfront, with the generous supports available to students in Denmark, regardless of income. This is part of a larger conversation that seems to be taking place across Canada right now about how to make higher education more accessible for all citizens.

Harvard dining hall workers strike

After four months of negotiation for better wages and healthcare, 750 union-represented food service employees of Harvard University went on strike on October 5. The university has the largest endowment in the United States and is home to some of the nation’s most progressive research, but workers said they couldn’t pay basic living expenses. The strike ended October 26, with the union voting in favor of a new five-year contract, the Washington Post reports.


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