Archived: October updates from your VP Academic: textbooks, class times and clubs

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The Representation Executive Council (REC) is hard at work representing your interests to Mount Royal, all three levels of government, and beyond – but lots of that work happens outside of the public eye. We’re publishing monthly guest posts by your VP Academic, Cordelia Snowdon, to keep you informed and to give you a peek at what your student reps are working on behind the scenes.

Textbook Reserve: SAMRU and MRU Library Partnership

Each semester, SAMRU and the MRU Library have set aside funds to purchase high-cost and high-demand textbooks to add to the MRU Library Textbook Reserve so students can borrow them. The textbooks are selected from different disciplines, and more expensive textbooks are prioritized to reduce costs for students. The Bookstore provides a discount for this project, and this semester we were able to purchase $1,500 worth of textbooks.

VP Academic Cordelia Snowdon, left, with Katharine Barrette, Women’s and Gender Studies Librarian at the MRU Library.

In September, SAMRU’s funds were used to purchase six discounted textbooks for $500. These books have a combined retail value of $585, and the most expensive textbook was $208! These books will support 850 students across 13 course sections.

To find out if your textbook is available, head to the MRU Library Search Page and select the Course Reserves tab.


Changes for Winter 2018 – Class Start and End Times

With Winter 2018 Registration starting on October 10 for continuing students, you may have noticed that there are no more 8:00am classes. This is due to a change made in October 2016 to give students more flexibility.  The change does not affect labs, so there still may be labs scheduled for 8:00am.


Improving Student Academic Representation

This month, I have worked to increase the student voice and make sure student needs are accurately and effectively represented. I am setting up meetings with Academic Clubs to learn about the unique needs of individual programs, and I am working to train the students that serve on MRU’s many academic councils and committees.


Upcoming Events

SAMRU’s 50th Anniversary Bash – October 21, 2017

MRU General Faculties Council – November 16, 2017