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Part of a great university experience includes getting involved while going to school. Students who are involved in extra-curricular activities feel connected to the campus community, are more likely to succeed academically and develop valuable citizenship skills that benefit the greater community in the long run.

In January we’ll be on the look-out for more great volunteers to join our team. You’ll get fantastic training, networking opportunities with other students and professionals, a great resume booster, and a chance to work with us to deliver amazing programs and services to MRU students.

We know that you’re busy, so our volunteer opportunities are flexible. If you have a huge break between classes on Monday afternoons, we would love to see you! If your best friend already volunteers and you want to come with her or him, you are welcome too! If you have a special skill, talent or interest that you want more experience developing, we can help you make that happen! To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, please chat with us in January when we do volunteer recruitment, or get a head-start by contacting the centre that you are most interested in.

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