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Shopping for a Home


As spring and summer approach, students who have been living away from home start to think about where they’ll live when that last exam is finally over.

If you’ve been sharing an apartment or house off-campus, you might have to consider if your roommate(s) are planning to stay or head back home, and if you’re living in residence, you might be toying with the idea of staying in Calgary, and maybe living off-campus. We have a few options for you to consider if you’re thinking of accommodations for spring & summer.


SAMRU teamed up with Places 4 Students to bring you an off-campus housing list: These are houses and apartments with landlords who WANT to rent to students. This site also makes it faster and easier for students to connect with housing opportunities.


April 20 is the deadline to pay Spring/Summer semester residence fees (unless your fees are deferred due to student loans) if you’re going to stay on campus. If you’re not returning to residence in the Fall semester, the move-out day is August 21. Get more information here:


If you have a bit of time on your hands, there are also lots of other areas to look for housing opportunities. has a number of shared-accommodation situations, or you can check out for basement suites, furnished rooms, or houses to share. You can also check out the bulletin boards in Wyckham House, where your fellow students often put up advertisements looking for roommates or offering suites for rent.

Remember to check things out thoroughly (and get a friend to come with you) before signing anything or handing over a cheque.



– Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator, SAMRU