Archived: PSA: Don’t forget to use your benefits over the summer!

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We rant about mental and physical wellness throughout the school year, but just because the school year’s over for most of you doesn’t mean you can stop taking care of your health. Luckily, the resources that are available to you on campus during the Fall and Winter Semesters are still there for you over the summer! Here’s what you need to know about making the most of your student health coverage:


Did you know that your student health coverage lasts throughout the summer? If you attended school full-time in the Winter Semester, your SAMRU Health & Dental Benefits Plan is in effect through August 31. If you have questions about your coverage, the Student Benefits Plan office (room Z001) will be open Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm, until June 30. The office will reopen in August (exact date TBC).

Dental Choice

Have you been putting off getting that cavity filled because you were “too busy studying?” Well, no more excuses – book an appointment with Dental Choice, stat! Located in the basement of Wyckham House, Dental Choice offers dental services to MRU faculty, staff, and students. They’ve recently become a ‘select savings’ provider under the SAMRU Health & Dental Benefits Plan, allowing students to claim reduced rate services under the plan’s fee guideline.

Wyckham Pharmacy

Hayfever? Sore leg from failing to land a Krispy Kreme stunt? For all your summer maladies, Wyckham Pharmacy brings pharmaceutical services to Mount Royal University and the general public. The wonderful pharmacist Thomas and his team work to tailor their products and services to meet your individual and unique needs. Your health is important, so Wyckham Pharmacy promises to bring you the best care possible!