Archived: Pursue your passion… even if it’s not your major

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Students entering university are generally faced with one question: do what I love or do what’ll get me a job in the future? Students have differing views of this concept with many choosing either #teamheart or #teamhead. We’re here to tell you, you can do both!

At least that’s the case for Ralph Romero, Mount Royal Nursing student and Create Your Style blogger. Though he’s in his last year of Nursing, he had another passion he wanted to pursue: fashion! With almost 5,000 followers on his Instagram account, he is successfully pursuing both of his passions. “I’m a different person doing both. I find they are independent interests but coexist in a common goal: sharing information. I want to share both fashion and health information with the public.”

We at SAMRU are of the opinion that your career doesn’t have to be independent of your interests and vice versa. Whether you decide to pursue your passion as a hobby or are lucky enough to have it coincide with your career plans, university is the time to really explore these possibilities. Ralph mirrors this sentiment, saying, “Don’t be afraid to try anything new. University is about new experiences and growing into the person you want to be.”

Think of your time at university as an investment– it truly is! You’re investing time and money into your education and your future. We understand the desire to make money (and possibly repay those pesky student loans) by choosing a major that is more likely to land you a job that pays well. However, studies have found that salary and job satisfaction have little correlation. It’s important to find where your strengths and interests can fit together. You’ll find you’re more successful when you do.

Keep an eye out for Ralph in the hallway this year as he embarks on a new project: MRU Style! Don’t be afraid to stop and say hello – you might even get featured on the blog!

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