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Over the years we’ve written some great articles that can help you get through the fall semester. Keep reading to learn more!


Check out Andrea’s article about budgeting finesse from last year:


Dawn added an article about academic stress and top tips for finding balance: 


Last year Andrea also wrote an article for us about human rights on campus and how students can request accommodations on the grounds of human rights. Read more:


Have thoughts about final grade appeals? Our Student Advocacy Coordinator wrote a great article about when you can, and can’t appeal – and when you should and shouldn’t too. She also has some good tips in her article about how she can help make the process easier.


If you’re in a long-running club, you probably already know about the Club Collaboration Fund, but if you’re a brand-new club executive, or are part of a new club, you should read this article by Dawn about the fund: it’s a great way to work with other clubs to make amazing events for your members.