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The results of the 2017 Representation Executive Council (REC) elections are in!

Congratulations to our new REC team, and thank you to each and every candidate who put their name forward for a position. And thank you, MRU students, for stepping up to have your voices heard and elect your student representatives – this democratic process wouldn’t be possible without you!

SAMRU congratulates our 2017-18 Representation Executive Council members:

Shifrah Gadamsetti, President
Cordelia Snowdon, Vice-President Academic
Madelaine McCracken, Vice-President Student Life

You might be wondering why there are only three positions listed. The Student Governing Board is developing a plan to hire a Vice-President External, as there were no candidates for that role. The plan will be presented to the Board on March 13, and we hope that candidates can be presented to the Board for decision in April.

We had an exciting elections period this year, with an impressive five candidates in the race for President.  This year saw 1,702 students turn out to vote from a total eligible pool of 10,689 voters – around 16 per cent of the MRU student population.

SAMRU 2017 Election

Total # of eligible voters 10,689
Total number of people who voted 1,702
Percentage of eligible population that voted 15.9%


For all of you budding stat wizards out there, here are the data sets that came out of our survey of voters, which received a total of 281 respondents:

Want to see more numbers, learn more about the elections process, or run in next year’s elections? Check out our Elections page.