Rules & Regulations

Election Officials

Chief Returning Officer (CRO)

The CRO, or Chief Returning Officer, is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the elections. The CRO is completely independent of SAMRU, even though this appointment is approved by Students’ Council. The CRO reviews all nomination applications to ensure that potential candidates meet the criteria set out in the Elections Policies and Procedures. All candidates are expected to complete the nomination form thoroughly and accurately. Incomplete forms or inaccurate information result in disqualification. The CRO also oversees campaigning and voting. Clear policies are in place which determine how, when and where candidates may campaign. Policies also state who may actually vote in the elections.

The CRO’s decisions are considered final, unless candidates decide to appeal the decision. An Appeal Board, another body independent of the Students’ Association, reviews any Notices of Appeal to decide whether or not there are sufficient grounds for a hearing. If the Appeal Board decides to hear a case, the candidate is asked to appear to present the required information. Any decision handed down by the Appeal Board is also considered final. Student positions are available for the Appeal Board. A small honorarium is provided.

Deputy Returning Officers (DROs) and Other Officials

DROs, or Deputy Returning Officers, ballot counters and poll clerks are hired by the CRO. Students are encouraged to apply for these positions when they become available. DROs and polling clerks are needed to protect the integrity of the elections process. Anyone interested in these short-term, part-time positions is invited to fill out an application form, or drop off a resume and cover letter at the SAMRU offices in Room Z222 on the 2nd floor of Wyckham House.

Elections Appeals Board

This board is only convened in the event an appeal is launched regarding a SAMRU election or campaign. Student volunteers are needed for the board. A small honorarium is provided to student volunteers. Please contact the Governance and Representation Manager for more information.

The CRO for SAMRU’s elections is Shauna Hunter. Please contact Shauna Hunter for further information on SAMRU’s elections.


Policies and Procedures

The nominations and elections will be strictly conducted as prescribed by the SAMRU Bylaws and the current Election Policy Manual. All potential nominees and campaigners are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the contents of these documents, which may be obtained from the SAMRU Executive Offices. Any breach or infraction of the content of these documents, by an authorized member of a campaign team, will be imputed to such candidate, and such candidate will be held accountable for the breach or infraction. Accordingly, it is strongly suggested that each candidate make their respective campaign teams fully aware of the election rules and their importance.