Archived: Sam Ru is a stress case this week… but you don’t have to be!

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Apparently Sam didn’t learn his lesson (even with all the studying last week) and is still being a very naughty elf. Instead of studying like a good little elf, he’s been procrastinating and binge watching Netflix. Make sure to NOT do these things this week if you’re planning to #stressless in time for your final exams.

DON’T: Be a couch potato

Though it may be the LAST thing you want to do, exercise is a great stress reducer. Not only will it boost your mood, but you’ll be more energized to study and have a better sleep that night. If the gym isn’t your thing, a brisk walk around the neighbourhood will do the trick.

DON’T: Eat junk

High blood sugar levels cause mood-swings and fatigue which is sure to slow down your busy study schedule. The SAMRU exam relief food cart will be making the rounds this week with healthy snacks to give your brain a boost!

DON’T: Stay up all night

If you plan your study schedule ahead of time, there shouldn’t be a need to stay up all night cramming for your final. You might find yourself doing worse on the exam or entirely forgetting the information you stayed up all night studying. Power naps are a great way to keep your body and mind energized so you can be productive during the day when you need to be.

DON’T: Be disorganized

Make a study schedule and schedule in breaks! Also, make a clean, dedicated working space for yourself free from clutter (Fact: clutter increases stress levels). Clutter will also decrease your productivity! Why study for longer than you have to…

DON’T: Watch TV while studying

While listening to music (especially classical) can improve your productivity, watching a movie will almost certainly not. Save your fave shows for your well-deserved study breaks. If you need a wake-up, try some upbeat playlists to wake your brain back up!

DON’T: Ride the puppies in the puppy room

Always a good rule of thumb not to ride dogs… but especially important to know with the puppy room returning to SAMRU this week! Come by the gallery on the second floor of Wyckham House this Wednesday and Friday between 11 am – 1 pm to get your puppy fix!








DON’T: Succumb to your stress

Above all else, try to stay calm. Meditation, breathing exercises, and colouring are all common ways people help themselves relax but do what works for you!


For a full schedule of Stress Less Week activities, click here. Good luck on your final exams!