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Thank you, SAMRU Clubs!

Did you know that the Students’ Association student clubs participate in active fundraising throughout the year? They’ve done some pretty amazing charitable work: in the last year, Clubs fundraised over $15,000 to donate to various charities. That includes charities such as Inn from the Cold, Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, Movember, Between Friends, Little Warriors, the Mustard Seed, and several different scholarship fund donations.

And that’s not all: several clubs also donated their time to the Drop-In Centre, The Mustard Seed, Silvera for Seniors, and the Distress Centre. That’s a lot of student time and energy going directly to support our Calgary community!

Through their volunteer work, and their generous fundraising efforts, student clubs on campus are making a real difference, and we’re so pleased to recognize all their amazing hard work. From all of SAMRU, we would like to thank you for all of your hard work in helping others and making the community a better place!

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But wait: I didn’t get a chance to help!

Have you been wanting to join a club, but could never quite find the time in your busy schedule? The Clubhouse and the Clubs Coordinator are here to help you find your kind. Check out the Clubs directory and see if any of our current clubs interest you (though please note that most clubs will be inactive over the summer months). The lull in clubs activity for the next few months means that this is your chance to take a look at what’s available, and have an idea of where you’d like to spend your time next semester!

If none of our existing clubs spark your interest, or if you have a great idea for a new club, now is also a great time to start thinking about what that club could look like and start rounding up your friends who might want to join. Club ratification (for new clubs) is ongoing, and if you qualify, you can even ratify a new club over the summer. You may even be eligible for start-up funds!

Jon Piderman, Clubs Coordinator
Office: Wyckham House, Z306
Phone: 403-440-5186
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