Archived: SAMRU’s tips for upping your Halloween costume game

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Spooky Halloween background with haunted house on a hill

If you couldn’t tell from the thick fog that’s settled in, the spooks and spectres are all ready for the Halloweekend. But are you? Maybe you scoured Value Village months ago to assemble the perfect costume; maybe you’re putting the finishing touches on your giant foam core sword; maybe you were thinking you’d just buy a $1 flower crown and go as a Snapchat filter.

If you’re feeling underprepared this spooky season, SAMRU is here with some expert tips to make sure your costume game is on point. (Not that you asked, but the SAMRU Communications team are going as Agent Scully and Sans from Undertale. Please don’t chomp our flavour.)

  1. Never underestimate the humble sheet ghost! Cliches become cliches for a reason. And since everyone thinks sheet ghosts are low-hanging fruit, you might be the only one at the party, which means you’ll be both hilariously original and comfortingly familiar. Maybe spice it up with a silly hat or some glitter.
  2. This is probably going to be a big year for political costumes, but if the American news cycle is getting you down, why not eschew the orange spray-tan, “Nasty Woman” T-shirts and Ken Bone sweaters for some more northerly topical humour? Fight cultural imperialism by dressing up as Shirtless Trudeau, the Giant Blue Ring or Sir John A. Macdonald’s weird side-part. Patriotism!
  3. Tired of spending hours on your costume and then being unable to sit down all night because your elaborate robot exoskeleton doesn’t bend at the knee? Go for comfort this year with the visual pun. Once you’ve invested in a onesie and some glue, the sky’s the limit. Bunch of nickles glued to your back = Nickleback. Bunch of grey paint swatches glued on = 50 Shades of Grey. Glue virtually any household object to a onesie and you can probably make a case that it’s a clever joke; if you don’t have time to think of one, when people ask you what you are, you can just respond, “Don’t you get it?” and then power walk away.
  4. You probably don’t need us to tell you this, but just in case…DON’T DRESS AS SOMEONE ELSE’S CULTURAL IDENTITY FOR HALLOWEEN. No black- or yellowface, no headdresses, no afro wigs. Not even if it’s a specific person or you think you’re “paying tribute” or whatever. It’s appropriation, it’s gross and everyone is rolling their eyes at you behind your back. Just don’t.

Want to show off your sweet ‘stume but don’t have any parties lined up? You do now! Here’s everything SAMRU’s doing to celebrate the best holiday:

Thursday, October 27: Pumpkin Carving Contest

Come get into the spirit of the season and carve some jack-o’-lanterns in Wyckham House! You can carve just for the funsies, or you can enter your creation in one of two categories: Best Pumpkin and Best Club Entry. We’ll display pumpkins entered in the contest in Wyckham House on Monday, October 31, and students will be able to vote for their favourite. We’ll announce the winners in Wyckham House at 3:00 pm. Student entrants could win a $100 Visa Giftcard, and club entrants could win $100 in their club’s fund!

Friday, October 28: Trick or Treaty

The Hub
Doors at 8:00 pm
$3 cover with a costume, $5 without

Join SAMRU, the Human Tribe club, and Iron Tusk for a truly spooktacular Halloween party! Don’t forget to grab your best costume – entry is only $3 at the door if you’re dressed up, and that way you won’t miss the costume contest.

Monday, October 31: Monster Mash and Haunted Hallway

On Monday, we’re turning the Link into a spine-chilling haunted hallway, so wander through and let us spook you up good! On the other side, you’ll find the Student Life Committee’s Monster Mash waiting for you. Munch on free candy and popcorn, do Halloween crafts and vote in the pumpkin carving competition.